changes in aggieland
1:48a, 06/27/06
oh man...Adult Video got a Federal raid... drive by one day it's there...the next...just a brick building that's faded where the letters used to be...
4:18p, 06/27/06
Anybody here remember when the the Wellborn highway was SH 6? I think it was actually SH 22 before that..

before my time
4:22p, 06/27/06
How about the bar under the water tower. Was it a VW dealership and then a bar or a bar and then the dealership? I don't remember. But TubularMan used to go there when fighting the evil Dr. VanBrewski.....
6:58p, 06/27/06
oooh speaking of water towers...

does anyone else still refer to the one on campus as "the big blue water tower"...or something to do with blue?

Although it was pretty odd that one of the taller structures on campus was sky blue and barely visible...but maybe that was the point back then...
7:12p, 06/27/06
Anyone have a nice photo of the old water tower?

I spent about 4 hours a day in the Skaggs-albertsons deli eating lunch and studying in between my engineering classes.

Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance....
10:12p, 06/27/06
The one on Texas Ave? I have several......
11:06p, 06/27/06
Used to be Tri-State sporting goods.

Used to drag GPR as a kid.

Had my hair cut at Redmond Terraceby Jim or Roy since I can remember. Then a trip to Academy, which always smelled like cheap plastic worms.

Dove hunting where Edelweiss and such are.

K-Mart, and who can forget Piggly Wiggly.

3-C BBQ, Toms, and Manry's Sausage House.

And the kicker, Egg Roll house was the only place on university aside from hi-lo.

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11:51p, 06/27/06
there is now a big "P" on the University Tower
5:36p, 05/20/13
Man. A lot has changed since this thread was started in 2006!
5:50p, 05/20/13
I misread "house" as being "horse".

I asked about the Sabre Inn and talked about 707 Texas Ave in this thread and a thread today... and I don't really care about them.
6:37p, 05/20/13
27 cents/gallon gas
10:55p, 05/20/13
JT McCords and Fuddruckers on Texas Avenue. Luthers BBQ across the street.

A&M Consolidated had JUST opened their brand new auditorium along with a new wing of classrooms

JJ Muggs

Sundance nightclub inside the Hilton- what is it now?

Safeway, Wieners, Hastings, Godfathers Pizza, Bennigans in Culpepper Plaza. Holiday Inn in the same area.

Diamond Shamrock on texas at University- filled up many stampbooks there for free gas.

The Old Red Lobster didnt have much of anything around it except I remember a Mobile gas station.

My dad taught classes at the Blinn in Woodstone when Archies 39 cent hamburgers was there.

The 707 building was bigger.

Two Pesos and their 99 cent gold Margaritas!!

I remember the last year I was in CS, taking my Rocky Horror SING IT!! instrumental cd to Bullwinkles and singing Rocky Horror tunes. I was one of only a few people who could stay on key LOL

I moved away...

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8:11a, 05/21/13
Ah, Sundance -- ha! What about Rockos (light years before it was Kinkos/FedEx) and the old bar/dance club at Doux Chene Apts? Then there was Kay's Cabaret in the mall (another entertainment option beyond movies) and the Edge (modern-day Hurricane Harry's, right next to the movie theater in that strip). Plus, there was the one in the Lacks shopping center where Browns Shoes is today -- brain cells are fading. Good times!
10:55a, 05/21/13
Kinkos used to be a club called Rockos? I KNEW it must have been a nightclub before it was Kinkos- the building always had a nightclub feel to it when I was working there in the CourseWorks section. The shape of the building, the odd, thick glass that you couldnt see through, the fact the building was two levels just two or three steps up/down- I always thought the lower part was the dance floor. Plus the patio- I always thought that was out of place for a copy center. When did Rockos become Kinkos? It was always Kinkos when I moved to CS from Corpus summer of 1983. What kind of music did they play?

[This message has been edited by 1984Consol (edited 5/21/2013 11:00a).]
12:15p, 05/21/13
staff at A&M were not considered cannon fodder
12:33p, 05/21/13
There's a concrete pad in front of FedEx Kinko's that looks like it was originally something else: almost as if they demolished part of the building and made it smaller.

Also, in 1994, there was a Little Caesar's across the street (The Eagle says it was at Stasney and University). Did Papa John's there at Northgate (later Rusty Taco) replace a Little Caesar's?
12:41p, 05/21/13
Correct spelling...

1:16p, 05/21/13
Thank you for the correction- do you remember anything about the place?

The concrete pad in front used to be a patio with about three or four umbrella tables and I think 4 chair per table. There was a coke machine out there when I was working there. The wall that is all concrete now used to be a bunch of what looked to me like french doors. I dont know why they concreted all that stuff.

[This message has been edited by 1984Consol (edited 5/21/2013 1:24p).]
2:21p, 05/21/13
Not sure where Papa John's or Rusty Taco were/are, but I believe Little Caesar's was located in the strip that still houses Subway now. For some reason I think going west it was Baskin Robbins, then Subway, then Little Caesar's, but I probably have that all fouled up.

I'll drive by later to see if my memory is refreshed. I believe Subway either expanded or moved into the old Baskin Robbins location.
11:00p, 05/21/13
Rocco's was a mediocre Tex-Mex joint.
Was good in that they had a decent selection (particularly for the time) of Mexican beer. Just only a case or two at a time. So, they'd run out. Which would annoy aficionados.
They clearly did not understand that some gringos thought/think the only brand in Mexico is Corona <shuddder> . Which annoyed the, well whatever you call that group.

They also never bought limes. In that fajita-made time, you had to have limes; a lemon is just not the same.

So, la Taqueria had decent beer, and a decent menu; what beer la Taq lacked could be had at Dave's or Deluxe, and for a lot less walking.

As to what has changed since August 1978, and through to October 2011? Everything but the latitude, near enough.
9:58p, 05/23/13
Sundance was a really cool nightclub. I guess the hotel got too many noise complaints from guests...
6:52a, 05/24/13
La Taq!

And the bar under the water tower was Charlie's.
8:09a, 05/24/13
Sundance was a really cool nightclub. I guess the hotel got too many noise complaints from guests...

Was that it? I thought it was TABC related.
5:09p, 05/24/13
TABC "issues" is what I remember too.

The trivia quiz with Roger WWWWWWWWWWWWW Garret was fun times, though. (And far, far, far better than the Saturday Night Fever-esque disco they opened as, too.)
12:39p, 05/25/13
what TABC issues? serving minors maybe?
4:01p, 05/25/13
Younbloods on College Main? Great CFS and fried oysters.
4:11p, 05/25/13
Pooh's Park is gone.
Bonfire is gone.
The swine barn was replaced by the Bush Library.
Jersey Street changed its name.
Before bonfire was gone, it moved.
Loupot's is closed.
Tinsley's is gone.
Post Oak Mall has become a third world country.
The Hall is gone.
They no longer have big car races at Texas World Speedway.
4:48p, 05/25/13
Youngbloods OH how sweet it was!!!

And the Texan!
5:00p, 05/25/13
I do miss Texan and Youngbloods. My sister worked at shipleys where burger house is now. Only thing the same over there is Pepe Taco. Remember driving from safeway where health department is on 25th & tx to sambos (cains now) on thanksgiving evening to eat and not encountering a single car on the way. Traffic for sure has changed
7:03p, 05/25/13
Comedy night at Sundance back in the early 90's was great.
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