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Suddenlink base price for tv?
11:19a, 04/03/11
I checked the Suddenlink website, but I could only find listed prices for bundles (internet AND tv, etc).

I am thinking of cutting some costs when my Dish Network contract is up in 60 days. Anyone know what the base price of Suddenlink is? and then the next tier up from that?
11:37a, 04/03/11
I think for basic cable it is around $60. I have digital with 1 DVR, 1 digital box, basic in two rooms, basic internet, and phone- all around $100 a month.
11:41a, 04/03/11
Pricing from our Nov. Bill:

12:28p, 04/03/11
I dumped Suddenlink a year ago and was paying right around $60/mo for extended basic only ... No phone, no internet, no HD, no premium anything, no Suddenlink equipment.

I am paying about $40 with Dish (Think it will go to $50 once the one year introductory offer expires). I will say that Suddenlink's extended basic did offer a couple channels Dish does not; Bravo, FSN, Versus.
3:19p, 04/03/11
So, just what happened to where the Cities required some basic channels to enfranchise the cable service?

That $27 is a lot of groceries, especially since there's probably $10-11 of additional charges and taxes put on after that.

But, I suspect the nice dish people also have to apply a bunch of taxes and charges, too.

But, I could be feeling cranky for not being able to watch Martinsville right now, too.
3:54p, 04/03/11
If you are feeling adventurous check this out:

Even if you have a 3 - 4 year old computer the cost to enter is the software, a couple of capture cards and a set top box for about 150 and its HDMI out for HD.

I can record all the standard def channels. Most if not all of the analog channels (1-79) have been replicated in digital channels along with the following HD: 700, 704, 705, 710, 711, 720 and 730 and all I have is expanded basic cable.

I can watch netflix, a TON of online content with an add on called Playon. In truth I could watch a TON of online programmig and just ditch cable altogether if I wanted to get rid of that bill too.

The difference in with or without their set top boxes is arount $20 to $25 a month so this stuff pays for itself in about 6-8 months depending on how many tuner cards you install. I have no annual fees because I got in on the lifetime playon subscription. I only have to pay for major 1.0 + updates to sage. In 3 years there has only been one for about $100.

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4:16p, 04/03/11
I have 250 channels plus locals all in HD with a two room DVR and we pay about $51 a month. I also never have to hear an annoying suddenlink commercial ever again.
4:34p, 04/03/11
Oh yeah and I should have mentioned I dont have to watch any commercials because there is a free add in (there is A LOT of community support and free stuff for sage) that marks commercials then skips over them during playback.
4:52p, 04/03/11
I have 250 channels plus locals all in HD with a two room DVR and we pay about $51 a month. I also never have to hear an annoying suddenlink commercial ever again.

Is that Direct TV?
7:39a, 07/16/11
I am going to dump Suddenlink as well. Dish and Direct TV are offering XYZ.

Is Dish better than Direct TV?

Can both pick up KBTX? I enjoy seeing the local news.

The costs are about the same.
12:03p, 07/17/11
My bill is now about $160 with no changes in Suddenlink services. I'm going to look into this sage thing.

My Xbox also gets the Windows Media/PC Connection, that has proven to be so much better than SL.
2:49p, 07/17/11
I use sudden link for internet only, and that's around 50 a month. Verizon would be around the same. For movies etc we use netflix, and maybe we'll pick up hulu when the fall season starts.
8:49p, 07/17/11
FWIW, I'm on directv for satellite and Suddenlink for internet. I'll be bundling in August when my contract is up. The key to Suddenlink is you have to keep harping on them for promo deals when your current one runs out.
I went from paying $46 for high speed (10MB) internet, to $58. Went and talked to them (in person, not phone) and they cut it to $36 for the next year. Also said if I bundled w/ digital cable with a dvr, it would be $60 (hd included). Currently, my promo w/ directv is expired and can't get a new one. I have one dvr and no hd channels. I pay $78 per month.

Summary, by asking what's the best they can do, I'm saving $20 a month for the same internet and will save about $20 a month for tv (plus get hd). The key is asking once a year what the best deal is instead of just accepting the "normal" rate when the promo is up.
12:22p, 07/18/11
Yeah Suddenlink is about to get the boot from me. I have basic cable and their 10MB internet service. It has gone up from a few years ago being $79 a month to now $109 a month.
3:30p, 07/18/11
You need to talk to them instead of accepting it. Most likely you could be paying the same as you used to if you mention you want the latest promo. If you switch to satellite, you'll get a Primo rate for one year but be stuck in at least a two yr contract.
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