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FINALLY KBTX reports this problem!!!
6:12p, 10/22/09
Finally KBTX reported this.Maybe something will be done about it.Probably not.
6:15p, 10/22/09
i want to go do that right now, just for fun
6:24p, 10/22/09
And the guy to my left and I both had to slam on our breaks," said Gougler.
6:45p, 10/22/09
I've seen CSPD there pretty much 24/7. Lots of revenue collected for that violation, I assume.

Also, when you get pulled over for it, don't be afraid to pull your big duallie with mud tires onto the shoulder enough so that the motorcycle officer doesn't have to block off the right lane of traffic for your stupid dbag ass. That happened this morning in the rain. I'm sure if your big 4x4 can't get back out of the shoulder of the road with it's obviously ceremonial never-been-used winch, the nice officer will be happy to call a tow truck for you.
9:05p, 10/22/09

Just as good are the MANY guys that have big trucks/SUV's and have a bumper hitch, no towing package. The bed of the trucks are immaculate because they have never hauled more than a suitcase or a cooler.

So many people that have trucks do not have a need for them most of the time.
9:44p, 10/22/09
What does the winch have to do with anything?
9:44p, 10/22/09
That reminds me, now that the weather's gonna be nice I REALLY need to clean out the bed of my truck.
9:46p, 10/22/09
the back of my truck is full of kindling right now

it'll be a fun Friday night
9:52p, 10/22/09
Who's job is it to decide what kind of car someone drives. As long as they are being a safe driver it shouldn't matter.

I have only owned trucks my entire life. The reason? I don't like driving cars that are low to the ground, and I feel more comfortable in a truck. I may not tow things everyweek to need the hitch or I may not tote around lumber or gravel, but it sure has come in handy many many times. I don't think I have ever thought " dang I wish I had a 3 bag maximum trunk".

Just my 2 cents

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10:03p, 10/22/09
these are the same type of drivers that run red lights!! they think that they can pick & choose which laws they want to obey !!!!!!!!
10:57p, 10/22/09
U-turn cameras?
7:50a, 10/23/09
Two idiots in front of me from J. Butler did it again this morning @ 7:00.

No police presense....
Come on CSPD this is easy in a barrell.
10:02a, 10/23/09
Making U turns and even driving on the wrong side of the road are starting to become problems on FM 158 also! People will do some really stupid things in their cars just to save a few seconds. Be careful out there!
11:06a, 10/23/09
Who's job is it to decide what kind of car someone drives. As long as they are being a safe driver it shouldn't matter.

Obviously you didn't read the rest of the thread. I was poking fun of the ******* that, when pulled over after making a left turn *THROUGH* the barrier at Jones-Butler, was hesitant to pull far enough off the road that other traffic could get past them.

Rhos: The winch was CHROMED. And polished. Including the cable.

That being said, since College Station city leaders insist on spending all their money on apartment developments, lawsuits, city halls, and convention centers instead of things like police, I wouldn't expect to see 24/7 police coverage at that intersection. The city keeps so little of the ticket revenue that it doesn't even cover the cost of the officer's time, much less a full-time officer for that one intersection.
11:11a, 10/23/09
The winch was CHROMED. And polished. Including the cable

hmm, so how do you know it wasn't just a fake plasting molding of a winch that got chrome plated?
11:23a, 10/23/09
just yesterday afternoon I saw a person with a convertible that didn't have the top down. I really don't get why some people buy convertibles if they are only going to use them on rare occasions.

I saw another person in a corvette and they weren't racing...

I saw another person in a prius by herself, not carpooling...

I saw another person on a motorcycle with too much horsepower...


I get that many of these college students with jacked-up 4WD monster trucks don't really "need" them or use them to their fullest often (or ever), but they like them.
12:09p, 10/23/09
People who ignore the “no u-turn” signs are just begging to get hit. Hopefully this issue will be resolved without any needless accidents or injuries, but I doubt it. Like the RLC issue, this again boils down to personal, driver responsibility. Take your chances on making that u-turn and you might get slapped with a hefty fine. Pay it and consider yourself lucky you didn’t cause an accident or worse. I’m sure someone out there will advocate that you fight the ticket on grounds that the signs aren’t adequate or the barrier isn’t adequate for inhibiting a u-turn…

On the vehicle size/make/etc. issue, who cares? Bad drivers are bad drivers. I’ve seen people in 4WD trucks and sub-compacts alike who don’t know how to pull completely off the road when stopped (or drive their vehicles well in general for that matter) so let’s not go with the blanket statement for off-road vehicles. Bad drivers are the reason I leave my trailer hitch in all the time and have welded replacement bumpers, just in case they’re too busy texting/talking/powdering their nose to see me stopping or signaling or changing lanes… the list goes on.

Now here’s my two cents on the police issue. Buddy on the inside so-to-speak tells me that CSPD is the only city department still hiring AND they’re the only city employees getting pay raises this year and next. That being said, apparently the city isn’t spending all the money on new developments and the like.
12:23p, 10/23/09
Bad drivers are the reason I leave my trailer hitch in all the time

Same here!
1:03p, 10/23/09
Wife leaves here hitch in for this reason (it has been hit twice)

It hurts like a B*&^% when I whack my shin on it
4:03p, 10/23/09
You know if the city TXDOT or whoever individually or in combination is responsible would have done the Holleman/Dowling Connector BEFORE screwing up Jones-Butler/Dowling/2818 it would have alleviated a lot of problems. I am far from being a highly trained traffic safety engineer but even I could tell you there were going to be problems.

The first concern is safety HA! Their first concern is putting down concrete when the opportunity arises.
9:59a, 10/24/09
I got rear-ended a while back. Had the trailer hitch in. Took truck to the shop to make sure it was ok. The shop told me it was a good thing I had the hitch in. Zero damage.
10:26a, 10/24/09
How about if you know people do the u-turn thing, then you be more careful and don't ride people's butts. ? Pretty simple. Don't whine to the police about every little thing. Maybe just walk instead of drive. Then it'll cure the whole fat butt disease that's plaguing America, too!
10:45a, 10/24/09
It has nothing to do with "riding people's butts." It's people stopped in the middle of the road to make a U-turn that illegal in the first place.

11:45a, 10/24/09
U-turning in the middle of the road is illegal. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, the people u-turning are wrong.
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